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Related post: Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 19:33:33 +0200 From: Brother L Subject: Richie and I Chapter 1This is a story containing explicit sexual acts between men. If you are not of legal age (according to your state or country law) you are preeteen sex toplist reading at your own risk. Richie and I (Chapter 1) This is a true story. I moved back into my parents' house in 1995 after living with my older brother's in-laws for eight years. We are three brothers, my oldest brother is 12 years older than me and my baby brother is 8 years younger than me. When I moved back I had to share a bedroom with my younger brother who was 15 at the time and me 21 years old.At the time I was working on construction sites and since I did not know my brother very well we hardly ever spoke seeing df toplist love that I got home very tired at adult toplist night. I usually undressed in our bedroom and never thought anything of it since we were brought up to be open so we were not shy in front of family toplist nymph teens members. What I did think was strange teensex toplist was that Richie seemed to be awake a lot of times that I came to bed. Of course when I switched on the light he would anime incest toplist look at who is entering the room. The only thing nude teenboys toplist is that he never turned df x teen toplist his face away when I got undressed - he just seemed to be staring toplist free galleries nude into space.Obviously I didn't know what to make of this, could it be just teenage curiosity or could my little password sex toplist brother really dig me? 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I toplist raped lols responded with a "huh hmm".This was illegal rape toplist like music to my ears since I had not cum yet and was ready to go for it. I couldn't believe that I just jerked off my kid brother and now I was going to fuck him. I didn't know how to feel...ashamed? Embarrassed? blessed? But there were more pressing korean toplist nude issues, feelings and sensations beyond my control - I had to do it.We suddenly felt closer than we ever have and was comfortable to wash each other off since the water was getting cold now. I couldn't get his butt out of my head - I couldn't wait.After we finished washing we turk teen toplist got out of the bath and I went o sit on the toilet seat snuff porn toplist to dry myself. Richie reached for the cupboard next to the toilet and took out a jar of Vaseline which he handed to me. He then said "Use this. It's my first time and I don't want you to hurt me." He threw his towel on the floor and flopped down on his littl teen toplist stomach. This exposed his perfectly shaped ass nn preeteen toplist and I got hard again..instantly. I'm about 17cm (about 6.5 inches) and I wondered if I would hurt him or not. art porn toplist I played with myself a bit while he put his ass in the air as a show for me. He was making back black porn toplist and toplist new sex pic forward motions which toplist dark teen portal really turned me on. I could see his inviting little butt-hole and the bush of black hairs surrounding it. I scooted down and put my tongue between his white cheeks. It tasted sweet and I loved the feel of the soft hairs against my tongue. I pressed my tongue teen toplist lol a bit harder and he let out a moan. I knew he was going to enjoy this rimming session.I put my tongue in and he was in real ecstasy now..in and out..out and in I went, each in causing him to groan. "I never knew you could do that Des. Give it to me." 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